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Film is God’s 10,000 follower giveaway! 

In celebration of reaching 10,000 followers, I’ve decided to do a giveaway! 


What I’m giving away:

First Place Prize:

  • Polaroid Sun 660 camera.  Tested, works.  You do seem to have to hold down the shutter button for a little longer than you should, but it fires. Here’s a photo I took with it long ago.   
  • Impossible Project PX 600 Silver Shade First Flush film to load your Polaroid Sun 660 with. 
  • Minolta Freedom Action Zoom 90 camera.  Tested, works.  Here is a photo I took with it recently.
  • Walgreens 800 iso 35mm colour film to load your Minolta.
  • A Kodak Fun Saver disposable camera, expired in 2009.
  • A dinosaur toy.
  • A mini grabber arm toy.
  • A random print from me.
  • Probably some other do-dads and knick-knacks.

Second Place Prize:

  • Minolta XG-M camera with Sears 1:4.0 80-200mm zoom lens.  Camera is not currently fully functional.  If you can get the battery slot fixed than it should be able to work, but I don’t know how to do this.  Even if you have to pay to get it fixed, at least you got a free camera.  And it’s pretty and in nice shape otherwise, and if you have any other cameras that use MD mount lenses, you can swap out the zoom lens!  Here’s a picture I took with it a while ago.
  • Walgreens 200 iso 35mm colour film.
  • A CVS disposable camera.
  • A Vera Bradley lanyard.
  • A Chinese yo-yo.
  • A random print from me.
  • Probably some other small stuff.

Third Place Prize:

  • Canon AF35M camera.  Doesn’t work, also something to do with battery connections or the battery slot. 
  • Arista Ultra 400 iso 35mm black and white film.
  • CVS disposable camera.
  • A bouncy ball.
  • Some scrapbooking moons or some shit.
  • A moist towelette to wipe away your tears from winning third place.  
  • A random print from me.
  • Probably some other junk too.

All prizes will come with some extra stuff, maybe even an extra camera?  ;)

"How do you enter?" you may find yourself asking.  Be patient, I’m getting to it.

How to Enter:

You may choose to do one or all of the following.

I will ship to anywhere! 

If you want to be a good guy and help pay for shipping and help have a higher chance of a giveaway in the future, donate to Film is God’s Pay Pal.  I will use any donations on shipping or buying items for future giveaways. (I’m poor right now, so anything would be helpful!)  Plus if I get a lot of small donations from a bunch of people, I can buy much, much, much better prizes for the next one! 

How will you pick the winner?

I will number all of the entries from this post, the posts in the Flickr topic, and the Facebook post, then I will use a random number generator.  The first number pulled will be first place, the second second, and the third third. 

I will close the giveaway and pick the winners on August 31st, 2012 at 12am Eastern time.  (Well technically 12am September 1st, but you get the idea.)

I will post who the winners are on here and then I will message them.  If for some reason they don’t get back to me within 5 days, I will go ahead and pick another winner in their place. 

If you have any other questions send me a message in my ask box. (No fanmail please though.  I kind of hate that feature.)



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